Cool King Features

Enjoy all of the features of our top performing artifial turf designed to give optimum performance in all situations including harsh Australian summers.


Summer Heat & UV Exposure.

“Cool King” Grass is heat resistant and tested to withstand the Australian climate and one of the only turfs rated to reduce surface heat by up to 20%.
The unique heat resistant blades of Cool King Grass are natural to the look and touch and efficiently deflect sunlight away from the surface decreasing surface heat by up to 20% – it deflects light so that it eliminates the shiny, unnatural look of artificial grass.
“Cool King” Grass is uniquely designed with curling fibres to imitate the natural growth of Australian vegetation.

  • Surface heat reduced by around 20%
  • Special designed blades reflect most of the sunlight
  • Greater visual comfort with reduced glare
  • Maximjum UV defence, longer lifespan
  • Long lasting heat resistance, better than watering

Artificial Turf Qld Thermometer


Pets, Children & Bacteria.

Cool King Grass is engineered with antimicrobial technology; perfect for domestic and heavy pet areas as well as where children play.
Bacteria can breed on many surfaces including traditional artificial grass.
Pet & human waste such as urine and faeces are difficult to manage even on natural grass, promoting bacterial growth which can be harmful to your health.
Cool King Grass is designed to reduce bacterial growth with a revolutionary heavy duty layered backing that increases liquid permeability reducing the risk of bacteria, ammonia and blocking.

  • Antibacterial protection
  • Odour resistant
  • No harmful chemicals or heavy metals
  • Alergen free
  • Child & pet friendly

Added Anti-Bacterial Protection

Anti-bacterial protection can be added to any in our artificial turf range or Cool King can have it’s anti-bacterial properties increased with the use of our Zeo-Fill instead of the normal silica sand.

Zeo-Fill is an Australian zeolite, an active mineral which attracts and binds toxic matter including E.coli and ammonium ions which cause the nasty smells in artificial turf when kids or animals use it as a toilet.

Once the toxic matter is bound to zeolite it cannot be released so your turf stays odour free naturally.

Solid wastes can be scooped up, then rinsed with a garden hose spray and then have a small amount of Zeo-Fill applied to ensure maximum anti-bacterial protection.

Another ideal use for Zeo-Fill is in areas where there is no or little sunshine – those areas that smell damp and musty due to bacteria growth.


Transform Your Areas

With its low maintenance, artificial turf (or synthetic grass as it’s also known as) is the most cost-effective long term way to beautify domestic, city, sports and commercial lawn areas.




Over 50's Village


Child Care



Sports Hockey Soccer Artificial Synthetic Grass

Sports Fields

Why Artificial Grass?

Artificial / synthetic grass provides long term lawn solutions.

  •  Synthetic Grass in Australia is becoming a popular alternative to natural lawn.  Tame the harsh Australian conditions with tough, year round green grass – forget about droughts.
  • Having advanced significantly since the carpet like appearance, these days it’s hard to tell the difference between artificial synthetic turf or natural grass. 
  • Artificial turf is the perfect landscape alternative for today’s hectic lifestyle when you don’t have time to mow, weed & maintain a beautiful lawn.
  • Our artificial turf is low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly a cost-effective way to permanently green your home or business.
  • Diverse shapes and colours – designed according to the profiles of natural grass in different climates across Australia.  Uniquely designed curling fibres are used to best imitate the vegetation growth in nature which contribute to a soft and resilient surface and support the straight fibre.
  • UV Defender Keeps your lawns Fresh and Green! Without it, UVA and UVB rays that are in the sunlight could fade the grass and reduce its life span.
Artificial Turf Grass Close Up
Multi-Layer- Artificial-Synthetic-Grass-Turf

Our range of guaranteed turf is designed to give your project the perfect outcome.

Cool King Artificial Turf Qld

Cool King

“Cool King” Grass is heat resistant and tested to withstand the Australian climate and one of the only turfs rated to reduce surface heat by up to 20% plus added Antibacterial protection for children, pets and bacteria prone areas.  Read more...


Supreme 20

This is our premium 20mm artificial turf with a massive 18,900 stitches per sq metre to give you years of low lawn maintenance and family time – backed by our 7 year guarantee.


Lush 35

Go no further than our lush, natural looking “Lush 35” which mimics popular Australian grass plus all of the high quality manufacturing processes you deserve to give you years of trouble free enjoyment.


Premier 20

Enjoy years of low maintence use with our shorter “Premium 20.  Being lower in height, you get the asthetics of it whilst it is soft underfoot and is ideal for domestic aplications and retirement villages.

“Here’s Why Our Artificial Turf Is The Safest For You”

Every day we are exposed to many external factors that affect our health and all products supplied by “Artificial Turf Qld” have been thoroughly tested and certified by international testing laborities to ensure the health and safety of those on and around it.

  • Quality Certified ISO 9001 manufacturer
  • Certified flame retardant
  • No heavy metals
  • Allergen free
  • Maximum UV Defence
  • FIFA approved manufacturer